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Last week, we outlined the questions a company should ask when deciding to enter the world of social media. As the second piece of our three-part discussion, we’re going to explain how to select an outlet. For this example, we’re going to use Pinterest because it works well for real-estate and planning companies.According to Pinterest creators, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” Basically, Pinterest acts as a giant bulletin board for planning future activities, well-loved recipes, or any other creative and useful idea. Similar to other social media outlets, members are able to create their own set of boards as well as follow or track boards created by others.While the above paragraph explains the concept of Pinterest, it would be perfectly understandable if you still were not sure how Pinterest can be useful to a real estate company. First, let me preface my explanation with the following thought: Pinterest can only be useful to your real estate company if and only if your company can effectively use social media and if and only if your company recognizes the ways in which not to use these outlets (see brief list at the end of article)Once your company identifies the uses and limitations of the outlets, you need to identify which type is right for you. This requires research- a good amount of additional research than what we discussed last week. As part of this research, you will need to understand what each social media outlet provides, each outlets’ limitations, etc. This does not mean you need to make a spreadsheet and extensively study ALL social media outlets available because that would be an almost impossible task. Choose the big ones that everyone knows and then research a few smaller ones to see if there is a lesser known site that might be useful for your company.In the case of real estate, a business dimension focused on organization, connection, future long-term plans, etc, Pinterest leads the way in usefulness. People love to plan decorating ideas, learn about home lawn care when moving to their new home, discover cute ways to emphasize each season but mostly they need a place to discover, share, and store these ideas. In short, a successful Pinterest campaign can increase traffic to your website and profitable services.Be on the lookout for the final piece of the three-part social media discussion. Next week, we will outline a specific real estate social media plan. After that, who knows? Maybe we’ll do a discussion on the evolution of lawn gnomes or perhaps a more serious topic such as how to pressure wash your house on a budget.What social media does not do:-act directly as a sales site (it can however lead people to your site where they can purchase things)-act as a company gossip board or connecting agent (remember your audience)-reflect the personality of the social media manager (this is a group reflection, not an individual)
-save your company from bad publicity (although it can help create a positive bond with your key publics)

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With the advent of the internet, many companies have found a niche to market their services. Yes, this is the information age, and people pay for information. In the internet world of real estate, referral companies play that role. Here is how it works. They were lucky to register domain names that they own, Ex. Flat Fee Listing, For Sale By Owner, Sale By Owner, FSBO, etc. If someone types in these names or other names that are similar, their sites come up. These are not real estate companies usually, or not in your state if, they are. They offer for sale by owner exposure with multiple listing options. That is where the local flat fee company comes in. The referral companies are like dating services. They match the seller with the local flat fee company who can list your home.What is the problem here? Some sellers think the national website will sell their home. Low per-cent chance. People are looking more at realtor sites than for sale by owner sites. The second problem is misperception of the seller. They think the referral company is the real estate company. Wrong! They are national referral company’s not local flat fee companies. So, what is the problem? The problem is they sell you services and products that you may not be able to use and don’t inform you of local rules of the multiple listing and state laws regarding your listing.Some examples, yard signs, in our state of the MLS does not permit a for sale by owner sign in the yard. That is the way it is, period. For sale by owners are the enemy. If you get a buyer in some markets, you must use the listing agent services for additional fees. The referral companies can sell you lockboxes that are not the best to use as far as safety and are not as user friendly for realtors. These lockboxes are not allowed in some MLS’s they don’t tell you your phone number and address is not in realtor .com. In some markets, the seller’s number is not permitted even in the listing. In some markets, it is not limited services. The agent must be a full service agent to comply with the local MLS’s rules, which necessitates more fees.Unfortunately, this miscommunication can lead to hostility towards the listing broker who is trying to help you, but must comply with the rules of multiple listing, state law, and other sites like Bottom line, Caveat emptor- buyer bewares. Know whom you are dealing with and what you are buying. Go to the flat fee company directly. Cooperation and understanding is the key in getting your property sold. You don’t need a referral service to get you listed!